Cash for Gold of Las Vegas. Sell gold, gold jewelry to a qualified gold dealer in Las Vegas. We give you cash for gold immediately. We also buy Silver, platinum and dental gold.

Gold Dealers In Las Vegas

Cash for Gold of Las Vegas is your premier gold dealer serving the Las Vegas market. We have over 20 years experience buying and selling gold and other precious metals. If you are interested in buying gold coins or gold bars, we are the ones to talk to first. Gold is at an all time high and now is the time to be in the gold market. Gold may be the best investment opportunity. AS of this post, gold has out performed the stock market in 2010.

Want to sell your Gold?

If you want to sell gold, you have come to the right place. Cash for gold of Las Vegas buys all gold items, jewelry, coins, bars, dental gold. If you are selling gold scrap,we take the time to test your gold to determine the exact karat and then way each karat to determine the best value for your gold. Once it is tested and weighed, we determine the value based on the spot price of gold at the time your are selling gold. This insures that you are getting the very best price for your items.

If you are selling gold coins, we buy all your gold bullion coins is perfect condition for 95% of the days spot market price. This is one of the best prices in town. We buy all American eagles, American Gold Buffalo, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands and Pandas. We will also buy specialty products and all other gold bullion products. If your item is a proof, it can even be bought for more than the gold spot price of the day. Bring your items by for a no obligation free appraisal. We also buy all gold bullion bars.

Buying gold?

If you are in the market for buying gold coins, then we can help. As one of the largest gold dealers in the Las Vegas area, we have all kinds of gold bullion products. Whether your investment needs call for gold coins or gold bars, we have what you need. Just call us at 233-6261 to discuss what items we have in our inventory. After talking with us you will see that we have the best prices in town.

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