Cash for Gold of Las Vegas. Sell gold, gold jewelry to a qualified gold dealer in Las Vegas. We give you cash for gold immediately. We also buy Silver, platinum and dental gold.

Pawn Gold Jewelry

Do you really want to pawn gold jewelry? With gold prices at an all time high, you may be better off selling your gold, platinum or silver jewelry. Most pawn shops are going to give you less than 50% of the value of your jewelry. You are then going to be resposible to pay up to 10% a month in interest, just to keep your lozn from going into default. Most pawn shops will allow you to pay the interest on your loan for up to 3 months, and then it is your responsibility to make sure you can pay the full balance by the end of the 90th day. If you fail to do this, then the pawn shop just bought your jewelry for less than half price, maybe even less if you made interest payment during the time of your loan. 80% of pawn loans are left unredeemed.

Gold and other precious metals are at an all time high. To pawn¬†gold jewelry you risk giving your jewelry away for less than half it’s value. We will buy your gold jewelry and pay up to 90% of the precious metal content. This is much higher than a pawn shop, and you walk away with the cash immediately. Cash for gold of las vegas is the place to take all your broken or unwanted jewelry and get the highest prices in Las Vegas.

Call us now and get a free appraisal of your gold, silver or platinum jewelry before you go to a pawn shop. You can then make a educated decision about the best way to handle your gold or other precious metal. If you still want to pawn gold jewelry, then at least you can feel good knowing that you have looked at all your options.

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